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Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to Hide Calls/SMS on the iPhone with iBlacklist

Download iBlacklist from Cydia. Open iBlackList and toggle Enabed to ON. Next click password, toggle Startup Password to ON.

On the iBlacklist main screen click iBackList, then General BL. Click + and add up to two contacts with the unregistered version. Ensure both Call and SMS are set to ON. Click Save, then back, and back again.

Go through the CALL and SMS settings and choose how you want iBlackList to handle any unwanted calls or texts. Test it out by adding your friends number and have them send you a text message or call. To see who called or sent you a text, launch iBlackList and click View History. It works great!!

Want to take it even further? Read the article blow which contains BossPrefs:

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